Portrait of Mike Eruzione standing at center ice in a hockey rink.

Mike Eruzione and the Making of a Miracle

In an excerpt from his new book, timed to the 40th anniversary of the US Olympic hockey team’s stunning upset of the Russians in 1980, BU alum, Olympic hockey hero, and US team captain Mike Eruzione takes readers inside the final desperate minutes of the game

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Mayor Martin Walsh and Tanya Zlateva, Dean of the Metropolitan College congratulate Katy Janvier on being recognized a City of Boston Scholar, during the 11th annual City of Boston Scholarship Reception at the Boston University Metropolitan College.

City of Boston Scholarship Reception

Boston Mayor Martin Walsh (from left), Katy Janvier, a City of Boston Scholar, and Tanya Zlateva, dean of Metropolitan College, at the 11th annual scholarship reception, held February 4, for city employees participating in BU’s City of Boston Scholar Program. The program provides graduate scholarship opportunities to city employees taking courses towards master’s degrees and graduate certificates. Photo by Jacob Chang-Rascle (COM'22)

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