What We’re Doing

Boston University is a world leader in teaching, research and scholarship that aims to promote the well-being of humans and their natural environment. The University’s faculty has made important contributions in public policy, science, business, education, public health, law, medicine, the humanities, and engineering. Through these advances, including some of the nation’s preeminent environmental programs, the University prepares this generation to lead our society toward a more sustainable future.

Boston University has been addressing issues concerning sustainability through curriculum and research for over two decades, and during the 2008/2009 academic year a more formal program to address campus sustainability was initiated with the formation of the Sustainability Committee, the establishment of a $1 million revolving loan fund, and the hiring of the University’s first Sustainability Director and Communications Specialist to support the program.

sustainability@BU, housed within Facilities Management & Planning, is broad in scope with its fundamental goal to reduce the University’s environmental footprint through campus infrastructure upgrades and by connecting students, faculty, and staff to participate in and support these efforts. This website is intended to act as portal to house cross-campus information on sustainability such as: what individuals and groups are doing, classes being offered, research being done and what resources are available on campus.

This site is primarily focused on seven key areas: Energy Conservation, Climate Action Planning, Green Building Design, Recycling and Waste Reduction, Communications and Outreach, Food, and Transportation. As this program is still in its infancy, we encourage colleges, schools, and departments across the University to contact us and share their information – whether it’s a new class that’s being offered, research being done, an opportunity for resource savings, waste reduction, or a new grass-roots effort that’s underway.

Learn what sustainable actions are taking place on campus:

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