Charles River Campus

The Charles River Campus (CRC) IRB requires all individuals involved in human subjects research to complete training in human subjects protection via the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program. This training includes an initial certification course and subsequent recertification every three years.

*Individuals who have NIH funding may complete the NIH training for the initial training course, but will need to complete the CITI training course at the time of recertification.

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Charles River Campus Only. See BUMCBoston University Medical Campus IRB Training for required Medical Campus trainings.

The online CITI training program was launched in 2000. CITI is used by over 1,300 participating institutions and facilities around the world. CITI has become the standard in regards to human subjects training. Because CITI is so widely used, BU investigators who complete these requirements will likely meet the training requirements that are mandated at other institutions. This is important for investigators who collaborate with colleagues outside of BU.

In addition, the CITI program has various modules that allow us to adapt the training to meet the needs of researchers here at BU. CITI has developed both a Biomedical and a Social & Behavioral program. The content of the CITI program is evaluated semi-annually and updated as appropriate. This will allow BU researchers to remain current on the latest regulations and guidelines that affect human subjects research.

Check your Training Records

To review your training history, visit the CITI training program website.

Investigators should request CITI training certificates directly from their research personnel.

Medical Campus

The Boston University Medical Center (BUMC) IRB requires that all researchers involved in human subjects research must receive formal training in the protection of human subjects. For more information on certification and recertification, see the BUMC IRB Training page.

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