College of Arts & Sciences

The College of Arts & Sciences is an academic community of students and faculty involved in the discovery, evaluation, and transmission of essential knowledge. Through study of the humanities, the natural and computational sciences, and the social sciences, young men and women prepare to lead fulfilled and examined lives and to assume roles as creative and contributing members of society.

Students are enrolled in Bachelor of Arts programs in 24 departments, in interdisciplinary degree programs, and in individually designed independent majors. In cooperation with the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, many of the College’s departments offer combined BA/MA programs. Through the Boston University Dual Degree program students may enroll in another of the University’s undergraduate schools in order to earn dual bachelor’s degrees. Seven-year programs with the School of Medicine and the Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine lead to the awarding of the BA and, respectively, the MD or DMD. The Modular Medical Integrated Curriculum (MMEDIC) combines study of the liberal arts and basic medical sciences, providing early admission and an accelerated transition to the School of Medicine for a limited number of qualified students who have completed their sophomore year.

Class work, field trips, and internship programs are offered in Washington, DC; London, England; Dublin, Ireland; Paris, France; Geneva, Switzerland; Dresden, Germany; Sydney, Australia; Auckland, New Zealand; Shanghai, China; and Madrid, Spain. Special programs are offered in Shanghai, China; London, England; Grenoble, France; Madrid, Spain; Burgos, Spain; Geneva, Switzerland; Padova, Italy; Dresden, Germany; Haifa, Israel; Rabat, Morocco; Niamey, Niger; Guadalajara, Mexico; San Bartolo, Guatemala; and Quito, Ecuador. All of these programs extend the college classroom beyond the Greater Boston community. Collaborative programs with area universities and colleges allow students to cross-register for classes.

The College provides the liberal arts foundation for undergraduates in the University’s professional schools and colleges.